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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are files containing small amounts of information in textual format. They are saved to the browser directory by the websites you visit.

Each time when you visit the originating website of a cookie, or a website that recognises the cookie, the web browser sends the cookie back to the website.

There are two types of cookies, namely the ‘session cookies’ and the ‘persistent cookies’. Session cookies are temporary ones that are created when you are visiting a website and kept only until you close the browser. Persistent cookies are kept for longer durations depending on their expiry, to be activated and used again when you revisit the website.

What are they used for?

Most websites use cookies and they use the information stored in the cookies for various reasons.

Cookies are used for keeping track of your actions on a website, which is inevitable for providing core features like login and shopping basket. These cookies are called ‘strictly necessary’ to provide the services you expect from a website.

Another important use of cookies is to identify a returning user or user’s device. Cookies are also used to help make the user’s browsing experience better by providing functionalities such as identifying the user’s preferences and helping fill up forms, etc. These are called ‘functionality cookies’.

Cookies that are used for collecting anonymous information on how the website is being used are called ‘performance cookies’.

Cookies can also be used to collect information about your interests and browsing habits that can be used for advertising purposes to place the relevant advertisement to a user. These cookies, identified as ‘targeting or advertising cookies’, often share information with more than one website.

Use of cookies in the website

The website uses cookies, like most other websites. The website uses its own cookies that are ‘strictly necessary’ to provide the core functionalities such login, account management and shopping. Disabling cookies will make the website behave unexpectedly.

There other cookies that are placed by the third party websites we use for providing a service or for measuring the performance of the website. These are listed below.

  • 1. Cookies placed by ‘Google Analytics’ - used for measuring the performance of the website
  • 3. Cookies placed by ‘PayPal’ – used for the PayPal payment processing service
  • 4. Cookies used for facilitating social bookmarking of the website.

By using the website you agree to accept the above mentioned cookies.

The website also uses ‘Google Adwords’ in the sign-up pages to measure the performance of our advertisements using Google Adwords. This uses cookies to track conversions.

More Information on cookies

To find out more information about cookies and about your choices please visit , and